Master Finish Pole Trowel MFPT28

Master Finish Pole Trowel MFPT28

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Master Finish have developed a lightweight telescopic trowel machine to replace heavy labour on coarse concrete including colour hardener, coloured concrete and stench.

Overall dimensions                     780mm x 780mm x 415mm

Overall weight including Handle  26kg

Trowel speed                               25 - 70rpm

With the option of steel floating blades or finishing blades you can provide a coarse finish or break in new concrete.

The Pole Trowel will provide you with many advantages

1. Saving labour, time, money, machinery can increase productivity. Save about 1-2 hours for each slab according to the user

2. Better quality finish, To break in concrete as soon as the bleed water has disapeared to achieve a flatter surface and better finish.

3. Low maintenance, Self lubricated sealed gearbox and fixed angle blades to save on maintenance

4. Mobile, one person can easily handle it

5. Curve or sloped surfaces, four individual flexible blades are supported by rigid blades that can prevent undercut and flatten the bump and humps along a designated surface. Let the rod support the unbalanced weight

6. Less training required, The blades are not required to adjust, according to the consolidation of concrete. A person with minimal training can operate the machine.

7. Colour Hardener and stencil, Using the Pole Trowel to replace hand trowelling to rub colour hardener into the concrete can create a harder and flatter surface 

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