About Us

Quality, Experience, Timeliness, Simplicity, Trust, Stability, Flexibility, Adaptability.

About Us

Concrete Tool Importers was founded on the principle of keeping it simple; buying the right products off us has to be simple. We believe that our customers, suppliers and team should be 100% happy that we looked after them well and give great service and support. If there is a problem, we want to fix it promptly and fairly.

Our team has the experience and knowledge from years of service in the industry to give you the answers you need and to support you.  A real person who knows what they are talking about will answer the phone when you call our 0800 727 333 number ensuring the fastest possible service.

We aim to stock the most trusted products and brands for the concrete industry, if we have to worry about their performance or reliability we are selling the wrong product so we only deal in tools, equipment and products suitable for the trade that you can rely on and trust. If we sell it we support it. Because we are the importers we will always offer the best prices we can.  If you order before 2:00pm we will dispatch it the same day and we get great freight rates so pass them on to you because we don’t believe in making a profit out of freight or hiding it in the price of the goods.

We have three branches throughout the country and our vans full of tools are on the road everyday to meet with and talk to you about your needs. You will also find our products in the best trade stores in the country. Our total focus is on the concrete industry and can move quickly to add new products and services as needed. Life is never simple and we accept that every person, job and situation is different and try to adapt too suit.

We also manufacture and distribute a large range of decorative concrete products including concrete sealers, surface densifiers & dustproofers, coloured oxides, colour hardeners, overlays, concrete stains, resurfacing & patching solutions, and exterior plastering compounds. Visit www.colourcrete.co.nz to see our full range of products and uses.