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  • Until now, the only effective way to remove mortar smear, grout residue, cement and efflorescence from brick, walls and finished concrete has been to use harsh mineral acids. While these acids eat away the calcium deposits, they pose significant dangers to other parts of the building, the environment and to the person using the product.
  • CTI Effloressence Cleaner is not only the strongest masonry cleaner in the world, it is also the safest. Independent tests confirm that CTI Effloressence Cleaner, formed with patented SynTech®, the world’s only synthetic acid, dissolves more calcium oxide and efflorescence than Muriatic (Hydrochloric) or phosphoric acids, the active ingredients in virtually every other masonry cleaner on the market. Still, with SynTech, all that potency comes with a triple zero HMIS score.
  • CTI Effloressence Cleaner will safely and quickly clean pavers, block, brick, concrete, river rock, architectural concrete and retainer walls while dissolving all signs of efflorescence. Plus, it is color safe on even the lightest colors
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